Are succulent seeds legit?

A lot of succulent seeds look like dust or dirt so they can easily be mistaken for something else. … They have large variety of seeds, including some more rare species, and the quality of seeds is top notch. There are other sellers on Amazon and Etsy that also sell great seeds.

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Thereof, can I buy seeds from wish?

But if you want to plant things you need the seeds of course. … While I was avoiding to go out to buy them the only option to get the desirable seeds was online. This is how I ended up ordering some seeds from Wish because I couldn’t find them in the local sellers assortment.

Also, is it safe to order seeds from China? Officials in at least 27 states are urging residents to report any unsolicited packages of seeds that appear to have been sent from China, warning that they might be invasive or otherwise harmful. … Officials warned people not to plant the seeds.

Furthermore, is it difficult to grow succulents from seeds?

Once your seeds have grown into plants that are large enough, you can safely transplant them to new locations. The process of growing succulents from seeds isn’t really hard; however, it does take the proper materials and a good bit of patience, just like it takes any other type of plant to grow from a seed.

How do I identify a succulent seed?

Here are some of the plant characteristics to look for when identifying succulents:

  1. Leaf – shape, size and thickness.
  2. Color – of leaves, flowers or stems.
  3. Markings or bumps on the leaves.
  4. Flower – shape, color, number of blooms and petals.
  5. Stem – color, texture, length.
  6. Ciliate hairs.
  7. Epicuticular wax.
  8. Spikes, spines or smooth.

How do you collect succulent seeds?

Does wish not sell seeds anymore?

AMZN -1.29% is barring foreign sales of seeds into the U.S., The Wall Street Journal reported over the holiday weekend, and e-commerce company Wish will ban the sale of seeds. Amazon said sales of plants from outside the U.S. would also be barred and some overseas sellers would have their offers removed from the site.

Where do I turn in Chinese seeds?

Unopened packages and packages containing objects other than seeds should be reported immediately to the USDA Anti-Smuggling hotline at 1-800-877-3835 or by email at [email protected]

What is the wish flower called?


What should you do if you get seeds from China?

USDA urges anyone who receives an unsolicited package of seeds to immediately contact their State plant regulatory official or APHIS State plant health director.

What should I do with seeds received from China?

What should I do if I get a seed package? Recipients of these packages are being advised not to plant them nor throw them out. You should contact the USDA or department of agriculture for your state.

Why is China sending seeds to the US?

These seeds are on their way to the National Identification Services (NIS) lab in Beltsville, MD for further testing to determine if they carry any pests or diseases of concern to U.S. agriculture.

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