Are Sunshine cards worth?

The card is only worth it if you plan on going at least 4 times over the season. Also, take advantage of the free Rabbit Hill/Snow Valley pass and head there for an evening or something. If you aren’t planning on going more than a couple times, it’s not worth it.

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Similarly one may ask, are Sunshine cards transferable?

The Sunshine Super Card is non-transferable and only valid for the 2020-2021 season. … The Sunshine Super Card must be presented at the time of transaction to accumulate usage and receive eligible discounts and benefits.

Simply so, do you need a park pass to go to Sunshine? Do I need to buy a park pass when travelling to Sunshine Village? Yes, anyone staying in Banff National Park is required to purchase a park pass.

Accordingly, do you need reservations to ski sunshine?


While we will not require reservations for access to the slopes, we recommend all guests to arrive with their season pass, Sunshine Super Card, Mobile Lift Ticket, or Pre-Paid Lift Ticket. … On the mountain, pick up your season pass at Guest Services.

What do you say in a senior citizen card?

Cheerful Messages

  1. May your day be filled with all kinds of bright sunny things.
  2. You’re wonderful because … ( …
  3. Just wanted to say Hello and tell you I’m/we’re thinking of you.
  4. Sending cheerful thoughts to brighten your day.
  5. You make me smile. …
  6. Sending lots of hugs your way.
  7. You make my heart smile.

What is direct lift sunshine?

NEW FOR 2020/21

Your can purchase the DIRECT-TO-LIFT SUNSHINE SUPER CARD and link to your credit card that allows you to bypass the ticket windows and head straight to the Sunshine Village gondola. Your DIRECT-TO-LIFT SUPER CARD provides all the same FREE Days, and additional discounted days.

What time should I get to sunshine?

If you are looking to skip the gondola line, we recommend arriving after noon. Typically, our gondola line clears up by 11 am. Midweek skiing is always less busy. Together, we believe we can bend the curve and reduce the spread of Covid 19.

Do I need a park pass to ski in Banff?

Do I need a pass? All visitors to Banff National Park are required to have a valid National Park Pass, regardless of the mode of travel. Park passes can be purchased online, at the park gates if driving to the park, or in person at the Visitor Center in Banff and Lake Louise.

Can you camp at Sunshine Village?

Sunshine Village, Banff National Park, Alberta

Since Sunshine is in the National Park, there is no overnight parking, so it’s on you if you decide to park overnight or arrive in the wee hours of the morning. Our recommendation is to camp at Tunnel Mountain Village II – the only spot for winter camping in Banff area.

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