The 5 Best Sources to Buy Succulents Online

Buy succulents online

As succulents are getting more popular, more nurseries are starting to have them in stock. And tons of succulents are also available for sale online. More and more people are choosing to buy succulents online.

Since I have a very interesting experience buying succulents online, I will introduce you to my favorite succulent online store, and their services are also up to the mark.

Although these sources are not ranked in order of priority, all of these have their plus points and setbacks too. They have different varieties of succulents, offer different shipping methods and deals. But all of these are good options to choose from.

Mountain Crest Gardens

Whenever I think about buying succulents online, Mountain Crest Garden is always the first thought in my mind. It is owned and operated by a family and has a wide variety of succulents. Their collection includes hardy succulentssoft succulents, and cacti. They have this variety in the form of ground cover succulents, or indoor succulents, hanging and trailing succulents or further sort by color, height or hardiness zone.

The best part is that they deliver these best quality succulents all over the USA.

Buy Succulents Online in Mountain Crest Gardens

They also offer wholesale facilities and discounts for all. One of their unique selling points is that they sell mixed succulent cuttings too. You can have customized cut succulents according to your requirements.

Furthermore, their employees are very well-trained and knowledgeable. They handle their plants and their packagings with extreme care.

Leaf & Clay

Leaf & Clay is also a nice store to buy succulents online. Their specialty is selling rare succulents. They have an amazing collection of cool and unusual cactus varieties. This is probably the best motivation to buy succulents online — you get a far bigger selection than you can at a nearby nursery.

Rare succulents in Leaf & Clay

They deliver the best quality plants throughout the USA and also offer existing fun features. For example, they send a set of three 2.5′′ succulents to their customers every month.

It’s far better than targeting a small box store that delivers only within a 5-mile radius as they have rarely available unique succulents.

Also, they are very careful about the packaging of plants. In winter, they add a cold protective pack so their customers would get a perfect succulent when it’s delivered.

The Succulent Source

The Succulent Source is also a family business owned and run by Darren and Lora and their five young sons. Each one of them has the responsibility for growing, taking care, selecting, packing and shipping. They have their duties and perform them in a very good manner.

Most of their succulents are in 2′′ or 2.5′′ pots, but there are 4′′ & 6′′ and there are a few offered in gallon-sized containers. They also offer different succulent cuttings.

It’s the only place where you get amazingly economical mixed and individual succulents. Their uniqueness is that they also offer succulent leaves so you can grow your succulents.

2″ succulents set of The Succulent Source

They have specialization in creating gorgeous bouquets, wedding favorscenterpieces, boutonnieres and corsage cuffs for weddings, available on orders. They also provide services of gifts and arrangements on request. Their outstanding services make them stand out in the market.


Amazon is another great place to buy succulents online. Here you can find numerous options like arrangementsfertilizerssoils, and pots. They have everything you need on the go.

Succulents Arrangement in Amazon

The reviews of other customers help a lot while choosing a seller there. Other people’s experience can help you make the right choice.

One reason to prefer Amazon is their free shipping service! They have a lot of options in succulents, accessories and countless succulents seeds. The risk could be of quality because it varies from vendor to vendor. But still, there are a lot of options available.

Other Online Options is a source of finding succulents sellers online. Check out the selection that Succulent Beauties and Succulent Babies carry.

Succulents in

My personal favorites include The Succulent Garden (a wide variety of bare-root plants) and Altman Plants (good for more rare varieties).

Complete arrangement options are also available there. If you need a suggestion, I recommend I Dream of Succulents.

Local Nurseries

Local nurseries are also upgrading with increasing demand. If you are not an online shopping person, you can always call or visit your nearest nurseries. Maybe the variety could be limited, these nurseries sell good quality plants and these are easy to carry and bring home. You can research on your own and ask the staff personally as they are professionals of gardening.

If your local nurseries, in case don’t stock succulents, you can visit Lowes and Home Depot. They also offer a reliable variety at good prices.


Since people have recently reached online for literally everything, there are choices for you to order succulents right up to your house with a fast search. Do you have any online shopping experiences that you would like to share? I’d love to know where are you buy succulents online! Tell us below.

I hope this list I’ve created will help you decide which one to go with. Enjoy!

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