Can African violets grow with succulents?

The right potting mix for African violets allows air to reach the roots. … However, when it is mixed with equal parts of coarse vermiculite and perlite, you have an appropriate mix for African violets. Pumice is an alternative ingredient, often used for succulents and other fast-draining planting mixes.

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Likewise, people ask, how often should African violets be watered?

every 5-7 days

Considering this, is African violet an indoor plant? African violets are strictly indoor plants in North America, largely because their leaves need to stay dry. Grow plants in bright, indirect light for the best color and blooms. A plant stand three feet away from a west- or south-facing window is an ideal location.

Hereof, do African violets prefer sun or shade?

African violets need indirect sunlight, direct can burn the leaves. Choose a north- or east- facing window for best results. Keep plants away from cold glass and rotate the pot once a week so all leaves receive light. Extend daylight by placing African violets under a grow light during winter months.

Will African Violets grow in cactus soil?

The exceptions to this rule are few, including cacti and sedums. Seeds and transplants do very well in a light soil mixture, and African violet potting soil may be perfect for them.

How do you get African Violets to soil?

Simple African Violet Potting Mix Recipes

  1. Two cups Peat Moss +one cup Vermiculite + one cup Perlite (50:25:25 ratio)
  2. One cup Peat moss + one cup Vermiculite or Perlite (50: 50 ratio)
  3. One cup AV potting mix + one cup peat moss + one cup vermiculite /perlite.

Why are the bottom leaves of my African Violet dying?

Over-watering is the most common way that people kill their African violets. Leaf or flower loss, limp plants, and crown and stem rot are all results of too much water. Insufficient watering causes roots to shrivel and die, the plant to lose vigor and color, and then collapse.

How long do African violets live?

50 years

Should I water my African Violet from the bottom?

Should I water African violets from the top or bottom? Either is fine. It is important not to use cold water; lukewarm or warm is preferred. If you water from the top, be careful not to get water on the leaves when the plant is in the sun; this is to avoid leaf spots.

How big can African violets get?

8-16 inches

Do African violets need plant food?

They do need proper exposure, heat and keep water off those leaves, but they usually keep producing those sweet flowers much of the year. To keep your violet in good health, it needs to be fed. … African violet fertilizer needs to be water soluble and in a ratio especially developed for the plant’s needs.

Do African violets like to be crowded?

Violets need to feel crowded to bloom, but when a plant gets too big for its pot, divide the plant’s separate-looking leaf heads. When you repot, tease the roots apart and plant in room-temperature potting soil.

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