Can I grow succulents in Zone 7?

Luckily, zone 7 is not terribly extreme and most succulents will thrive in its relatively mild winters. Succulents are one of the easiest plant groups for which to care and their wide variety and charming appearance adds a quirky sense of fun to the landscape.

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Moreover, can succulents grow in Zone 4?

Marginal Cold Hardy Succulents

Some species of succulent that are hardy to USDA zone 4 can also withstand zone 3 temperatures if they are in some protection. … Other succulents for cold climates might be hardy ice plants. Delosperma produce lovely little flowers and have a low, ground cover nature.

Secondly, can succulents survive Zone 6? We tend to think of succulents as plants for arid, desert climates, but there are a number of hardy succulents that tolerate chilly winters in zone 6, where temperatures can drop as low as -5 F. … In fact, a few can survive punishing winter climates as far north as zone 3 or 4.

Besides, can succulents live outside in Zone 8?

Zone 8 succulents are very adaptable and can withstand many changing weather conditions. … Outdoor rain and weather conditions are enough to water most succulents, but in summer, irrigate occasionally when the soil is dry to the touch.

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