Can Mezoo grow indoors?

MEZOO Trailing Succulent Indoors:

Water the soil when it is dry and place in a warm sunny window. Keep in mind that when growing this cultivar indoors, it won’t flower and tends to get a little leggy, but still makes for a great indoor succulent.

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Keeping this in consideration, is Dorotheanthus a succulent?

Dorotheanthus Mezoo are succulent plants that are fairly drought-tolerant, but grow better with regular watering. During dry times, more watering may be needed, and cool, during rainy times, less watering may be needed.

Regarding this, is the Mezoo plant a succulent? Mezoo is a tough-as-nails, trailing succulent with silvery green and white heart-shaped leaves and small, apple-red blooms on long, vine-like stems. Mezoo is perfectly suited as a “spiller” in hanging baskets since it tolerates the dry conditions which usually prevail there.

Moreover, why is my Mezoo dying?

Your Baby Sunrose (Mesembryanthemum cordifolium ‘Variegata’) also commonly called “Mezoo”, “Red Apple” and “Heartleaf Ice Plant” likely has an issue with improper watering. If you are giving the plant just a little bit of water every three or four days, the roots are likely not being sufficiently moistened.

Why does Mezoo wilt?

First Signs of Overly Dry Succulents

Wilting succulents are an expression of extreme dehydration. Droopy leaves on succulent specimens mean the soil has been dry as a bone for quite some time. … Succulents store moisture in their thick leaves or pads. When the plant is dried out, the leaves will pucker.

How do I root Mezoo?

It is very, very easy to propagate this plant. All you have to do is take some 5 inch cuttings, pull off the leaves on the lower end of the stem, and put the cuttings in damp, fresh soil. You don’t even need any rooting hormone.

Can Mezoo trailing red be a houseplant?

Although it resembles a standard variegated succulent, we find Dorotheanthus ‘Mezoo Trailing Red’ more versatile and less fussy. In the south it is used as a variegated green groundcover, whereas in the north it’s considered a houseplant to take outside in the summer and bring back inside during the winter.

Is Mezoo deer resistant?

The Mezoo Variegated Ice Plant is a naturally evergreen perennial tropical plant and is considered to be hardy to near 25 °F for short periods although some resources suggest it is hardy into zone 8. … A drought resistant perennial, the Baby Sunrose is also salt tolerant and deer resistant.

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