Can snake plant survive winter outside?

Tough though Sansevieria is, it will suffer with very cold Winter temperatures. If the soil is dry it will survive without issue down to 5°C / 41°F. Good average growing conditions will need temperatures between 18°C – 27°C / 65°F – 80°F. How do you take care of a snake plant in the winter?

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Simply so, how do you grow a snake plant outside?

Your sansevieria will do best in a sunny spot but even a room with little sunlight is suitable. Use cactus potting soil or add coarse sand to regular potting soil to provide the drainage that these plants need. Be careful not to over water them. Allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings.

Similarly, what temp can a snake plant be outside? The snake plant is a sturdy plant that can tolerate a wide range of temperature levels. Anything between 55 – 85? is suitable for them.

Also to know is, do snake plants do well in full sun?

They grow more quickly in brighter light, but strong direct sunlight burns leaves, especially when plants are outdoors. An ideal spot is about 10 feet away from a west or south window. … These are low-maintenance plants. Temperature: Snake plants thrive in hot, dry environs.

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