Can you grow mother in law’s tongue from a cutting?

Mother-in-law tongue is also pretty darn easy to propagate from leaf cuttings. … Cover the end of the leaf so that about ½ to ¾ of an inch of the leaf is covered. Water and then keep the soil evenly moist for about a week or two. Then you can reduce watering to just when the soil gets dry.

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Regarding this, how do you propagate a mother tongue plant?

Correspondingly, how long does it take for snake plant cuttings to root? Snake plants are very slow-growing plants. It will easily take at least six to eight weeks just to see root growth. It may even take two to three months to see any solid roots if your snake plant cuttings are growing in a low-light area.

Secondly, how can I regrow my mother in law’s tongue?

4 Ways to Propagate Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

  1. Remove the plant from the pot.
  2. Take a knife and cut the roots to separate the stalks.
  3. Place the new stalks in their own pots and cover the roots with soil.
  4. Mist with water.

Does mother in law’s tongue need sun?

Mother-in-law’s tongue is an easy care plant. The root ball needs to stay a bit damp and in the winter a bit dryer. … Because of its succulent leaves, the Mother-in-law’s tongue can cope well with dry air. Give the plant enough light, it can even cope with full sun.

Where do you cut a snake plant to propagate?

Select a healthy leaf that is not too old and use clean, sharp shears to cut it off. Put the cut end of the leaf in just enough water to cover the bottom quarter of tissue. Place the container in an indirect light situation and change the water every couple of days. Soon you will see little roots.

How do you separate baby snake plants?


  1. Brush away as much dirt as possible and lay your plant down on a hard surface.
  2. Take your sharp clean blade and cut just about in the middle of the rhizome. …
  3. Place your little one in new potting soil and give it a bit of water (which should last a while).
  4. Wait for soil to completely dry before watering it again.

Why is my snake plant not rooting?

Snake plants mainly lack roots because they were damaged by overwatering or because of a fungus that has attacked and decimated the roots beneath the soil. Luckily, you can regrow the snake plant through propagation by doing the following: Trimming off the damaged ends.

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