Can you plant succulents in a trough?

There is something very striking about the forms and colours of succulents, and they bring real elegance to a container. Using a trough or window box to grow these wonderful plants, rather than the more traditional round stone bowls, gives them a modern look.

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In this way, can succulents grow in shallow containers?

Succulents and shallow containers go together beautifully. Many succulent plants stay smaller, especially when growing indoors, and are well suited to growing in low pots. … At these sizes, their root systems are compact and the plants are small and making them easy to plant in a shallow container.

Then, can a succulent survive in just water? Did you know that you can grow succulents in water entirely? Yep. Paradoxically the plants that are easiest to kill with overwatering can be trained to grow hydroponically.

Similarly, how do you plant succulents in a planter box?

Use a small shovel from the potting kit to fill ¾ of the container with the succulent soil mix. Gently loosen up the roots of your succulent and remove any dead roots or old dirt stuck to it. In the new soil, dig a shallow hole that fits your succulent and slowly put the roots of the plant in the hole.

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