Can you still buy a Roxor?

Will I still be able to buy a ROXOR? And, ROXOR parts? Yes. Our Dealer Network will still be selling ROXORs, and we will continue to provide support through the sale of service and repair parts for the 2018/19/20 ROXOR models.

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Regarding this, can you make a Roxor street legal?

The Roxor is the first North American off-road vehicle. The Roxor does not meet safety requirements, so it is not street-legal.

In respect to this, what is the side by side that looks like a Jeep?


Also to know is, what is happening to Roxor?

Mahindra got the green light to manufacture and sell its redesigned 2021 Roxor after the International Trade Commission ruled Wednesday that the new design no longer infringes upon Jeep’s trade dress, according to a statement released by the company.

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