Can you use a teapot as a planter?

Indoor Teapot Planter. If you’ve got a cracked or unused teapot, don’t get rid of it. Use it as an indoor planter, check out this DIY post.

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Moreover, can succulents grow in tea cups?

Place a few of the pebbles in the bottom of the tea cup. This is important so that there is a bit of drainage since there is no hole in the bottom of the cup. Then just fill with potting soil and add your succulent. The great thing about succulents is they are really hard to kill!

Also to know is, are metal pots good for succulents? Metal is typically not a great long term choice for planting succulents. You can use it–but be aware that it changes temperatures quickly, which can cause the soil to heat up too much. … If you decide to go with a metal container, it’s best to plan on moving your succulents to a new container after a while.

In this regard, what can you do with old teapots?

Glass or ceramic teacups and teapots could be also recycled when they aren’t used already in their normal purpose. You can upcycle them as a candles, garden planter or a clock. Reuse teacups (round shape) with plates as a garden table centerpiece decoration.

What can you grow in a teacup?

Generally, alpine plants and succulents work well for teacup gardens. These require little water and can thrive even in small containers.

Can you plant a cactus in a teacup?

Choose your teacup and cactus for planting. … Place a few stones at the bottom of your teacup (this will help with drainage.) Add potting soil. Set cactus into teacup and press around the edges of the soil so the cactus will stay in place.

How do you make a teacup succulent?

How do you grow succulents in a coffee mug?

Add a layer of small pebbles on the bottom of mug. Then fill the mug three-quarters full with fast-draining soil mix. Use a chopstick to make stem holes and carefully cover roots with soil. Leave space to add a final layer of pretty pebbles or small shells to cover the exposed topsoil and complete the project.

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