Do succulent pots need saucers?

Growing succulents is easy and rewarding, and choosing the best pots for your succulents increases the chance of success. This starts with proper drainage, a must for making sure the soil around the succulent dries out between waterings. You have to catch that water, too, so an included saucer or tray helps.

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Similarly, should you leave water in plant saucer?

Leaving your potted plants in standing water can deprive them of oxygen and promote root rot. … Be sure to empty your planter saucers within 30-60 minutes after watering to ensure plenty of drainage and to protect the roots from standing in excess water.

In respect to this, why is the saucer attached to the pot? When using a pot with a drain hole, you’ll want to use a saucer to protect the surface underneath from becoming damaged by lingering moisture in the soil. … An attached saucer, on the other hand, can’t be removed from the container, so to drain the excess water, you’ll need to tip the entire plant to the side.

Additionally, what do you call the saucer under a plant pot?

A drainage plate is designed to catch water that flows out the bottom of your pot. Without a bottom plate, water can flow through the soil in your container and out the bottom drainage holes, leaking onto your planter shelf, table, flooring, patio or deck.

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