Do succulents need humidity?

Succulents do not thrive in humid climates, so if you want to keep a houseplant, but you want one that will hold up in humid weather, it might be better to consider a humid tolerant plant. Q: Will my succulent grow well in full sun? A: Most succulents need full or partial sun to survive.

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Similarly, what percent humidity do succulents need?

Most plants, including cacti and succulents, prefer humidity levels of 40 percent or higher. Most tropical plants require 60 percent humidity or more.

Beside above, is humidity bad for succulents? It is a general rule that succulents do not like humidity. However, on average, they can survive in areas with 80-100% humidity levels. If your area has levels like these, the best option is to keep your plant indoors.

In this manner, do succulents like to be misted?

Full grown succulents don’t actually like to be misted. They thrive in arid climates, so when you mist them, you are changing the humidity around the plant. This can lead to rot as well. Use misting for propagation babes to lightly provide water to their delicate little roots.

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