Gasteria: How to Grow and Care for Little Warty

Gasteria Little Warty

Scientific name: Gasteria

Common name: Little Warty

This cute plant is great for beginners, and does well indoors. There are small bumps on the leaves that appear to be warts.

Quick Look at Gasteria

  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Typical water needs for a succulent
  • Plant grows up to 5″ (13 cm) tall
    Plant grows up to 4″ (10 cm) wide
  • Zone 10a (Minimum 30° F | -1.1° C)
  • Not cold hardy
  • Propagation by offsets
  • Can be toxic to humans and animals
  • Summer Dormant

General Care for Gasteria ‘Little Warty’

The leaves of ‘Little Warty’ are thick and covered in little “warts”. The hybrid Gasteraloes are easily cross-bred with the Gasteria.

The name gasteria comes from the shape of the leaves, which is thought to resemble a stomach.


Gasteria have watering needs. The “soak and dry” method will allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings.

Where to Plant

If you live in a zone that gets colder than 30 F, it’s best to plant Gasteria Little Warty in a container that can be brought indoors. It does well in the sun.

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, place a room that gets a lot of sunlight near a southern-facing window.

How to Propagate Gasteria ‘Little Warty’

Gasteria Little Warty will grow small offsets around the base of the plant. Pull these up and allow the offsets to dry for a day or two.

Commonly Mistaken For

Gasteria maculata has the same look, but it doesn’t have the “warts” on its leaves.


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