How big can a coral cactus grow?

Euphorbia Lactea is commonly known as the Coral Cactus, Candelabrum Tree, Candelabra Cactus, Candelabra Plant, Dragon Bones, and is a coral succulent plant, mostly found in India. It can grow up to 16 feet if planted in an outdoor environment, but for indoors, it only grows 2 feet tall.

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Herein, what is coral cactus grafted to?

Coral cactus has its origins in the nurseries of experimental horticulturists because it is actually a grafted combination of two of these types of Euphorbia, Euphorbia lactea, and Euphorbia neriifolia. The crest of the Euphorbia lactea is grafted onto the root and stock of the Euphorbia neriifolia.

Beside this, how long does it take coral cactus to grow? When thriving, they can grow as tall as 20 inches (or a bit more). The coral cactus lifespan goes anywhere from a few years to several decades, so it may take a few years to reach that height. The surprising part, however, is that coral cactus is poisonous to cats.

Also, does a coral cactus bloom?

Rarely, it can produce flowers, although this is quite uncommon at best. The coral cactus flower is tiny and not much to look at, but may be pink or purple in coloration if a flower appears. This usually only happens on older plants, but may never occur at all.

How do you replant a coral cactus?

How much does a coral cactus cost?

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How often do you water a coral cactus?

During spring through summer, water the plant once a week or once every two weeks, whenever its soil feels dry 1 inch down. Reduce watering to once a month during autumn and winter, as cacti can rot during those seasons if kept too wet, and resume weekly or biweekly watering in early spring.

When should I repot coral cactus?

Fertilizer: Once in the Spring, Summer, Fall, only. Any balanced plant fertilizer works. Repotting: You’ll want to repot soon as your Coral Cactus does not have drainage holes.

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