How big do Hillstream loaches get?

7.5 centimeters

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Moreover, how much does a Hillstream Loach cost?

Butterfly Hillstream Loach Algae Eater

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12 or more $13.99 Per Item
People also ask, what do you feed a Hillstream Loach? Hillstream loaches need a varied diet. They will naturally browse on benthic algae that contains aufwuchs, but supplement this with such as cucumber, courgette, blanched spinach, plus meaty foods such as bloodworm, white mosquito larvae, vitamin-enriched brineshrimp, Daphnia and small sinking pellet foods.

Consequently, are Hillstream loaches aggressive?

They’ll get along very well with reticulated hillstream loaches. Besides aggression, the main thing you’ll want to look for in a tank mate is temperature preference. Hillstream loaches like the water to be a little on the colder side so that rules out a lot of tropical freshwater fish.

Do Hillstream loaches eat algae wafers?

Hillstream loaches are omnivores and grazers, so they will feed on algae and biofilm in your tank. … They will also eat fish flakes or pellets, as well as algae wafers.

Do Hillstream Loach jump out of tank?

Loaches in general are notorious tank jumpers.

Can I keep a Hillstream Loach in a 10 gallon?

Hillstream loaches prefer cooler water. 65-72F, or thereabouts. They really should not be kept in temps higher than 75. They also need more room than a 10 gallon provides, and water with a lot of current and oxygen.

How many gallons does a Hillstream Loach hold?

30 gallons

Can Hillstream loaches live in ponds?

The hillstream loach fish are found in mountain streams with fast flowing water. They should never be put in garden ponds.

How can you tell if a Hillstream Loach is male or female?

Adult males and females are easy to distinguish by their head formation when viewed from above or the underside. Males have a more pronounced head. The head of the females appears almost to run into their pectoral fins, making the entire front of the fish look round.

Can Hillstream Loach live with Betta?

There is no way you can keep hillstream loaches and a Betta in the same tank their requirements are worlds apart. At that temp the Betta will get sick. To keep the loaches from slowly suffocating the current in the tank is too strong for the Betta.

Do butterfly loaches eat algae?

The Hillstream Loach is a really neat little fish that is great at eating the small crustaceans and larvae (aufwuchs) that grows in algae. … The tank the Hillstream Loach should be put in should be well established since they eat algae and a new tank doesn’t seem to have any algae in it right away.

Can Hillstream loaches live with pleco?

Yes, the loach can cause damage to the pleco. Happens because there is most likely not enough room (tank is too small for both). Hillstream loaches like being in groups, even though they can be a bit territorial.

Can Hillstream loaches live with angelfish?

I have kept Clown Loaches and angelfish together quite successfully. Neither will harm the other. BUT… Clown Loaches need large tanks, preferably from the start. 75 gallon is the recommended start up tank for Clown Loaches.

Why do Hillstream loaches hide?

Like many loaches, hillstream loaches like to hide, especially from people, and we ensure they have adequate places to do so. These fish are also naturally inquisitive and social; while they may hide when we first enter the room, they re-emerge after only a few minutes.

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