How big does a panda plant get?

two feet tall

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People also ask, how fast does a panda plant grow?

The panda plant is a slow grower which will only need re-potting once every 2 years and then less once it matures.

Secondly, can you touch a panda plant? The panda plant is widely recognized for its furry leaves which are fleshy, oval, and grey-green in color. The leaves lack a stalk and are covered by white or silvery fine hairs (trichomes) making them have a velvety touch. … Kalanchoe Tomentosa will readily bloom in its natural habitat.

In respect to this, how much sun does a panda plant need?

Kalanchoe tomentosa should be planted in an area of your garden that gets 6 hours of sunlight a day. When planting indoors, place near a sunny window. If planted outdoors, “Panda Plant” can grow up to 24? (61 cm) tall.

How do you replant a panda plant?

To propagate new Panda plants, cut leaves in the spring or summer. Let leaves dry for a week before putting them in a container. Place the cuttings in a pot with perlite mix or sandy soil. They should take root in about four weeks.

Is the panda plant poisonous?

All parts of Kalanchoe Tomentosa (Panda Plant) are toxic when ingested. Common symptoms include: vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy. The plant can be fatal when ingested in large amounts.

Why is my panda plant turning white?

If you have white mold on your succulent, you’re more likely dealing with powdery mildew — a common houseplant ailment that’s easy to treat. It looks like a white, powdery mold and can live on both stems and fleshy leaves of succulents.

How often should you water panda plants?

once every 5 to 6 days

What kind of soil do panda plants need?

Quick Care

Common Name(s): Panda Plant, Pussy Ears, Donkey Ears, Chocolate Soldier
Light Bright light, a mixture of direct, indirect and shade
Soil Well-draining cactus mix
Water: Prefers dry soil, watering only when needed
Pests & Diseases: Mealybugs and root rot

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