How close can T5 lights be to plants?

The T5 fluorescent grow light distance for seedlings should be a bit further away. I’d start by hanging the light 6 to 10 inches from seedlings. Use the same distances whether you are using a large T5 fixture or just a regular fluorescent light bulb.

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Also question is, is T5 light good for seedlings?

T5 grow lights are often favored over other types of grow light for seedlings because they are less harsh on young plants. They are also preferable to starting seedlings off in a windowsill because they emit a greater amount of the light plants need during this phase of development.

Moreover, how do you grow with T5 lights?

Similarly one may ask, are T5 lights full spectrum?

Barrina T5 Grow Lights, Full Spectrum, 2ft 80W (8 x 10W, 500W Equivalent), LED Grow Light Bulbs, Plant Lights for Indoor Plants, Greenhouse, Plug and Play, 8-Pack.

How many plants can you have under a T5?

The most common T5 grow lights are 2- or 4-ft. long and have 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 bulbs per fixture. If you are thinking of growing only a few small plants, you might get away with having a 1- or 2-bulb set-up that is 2- or 4-ft.

Can you veg under T5?

For the vegging stage of growth, you’ll want to use a T5 fluorescent grow light with a 6400k spectrum of light– that’s going to give you a white/blueish spectrum. When it’s time to flower you’re going to go with a 2700k bulb to give you a yellowish/white spectrum of light that stimulates flower growth.

Is T5 better than LED?

The main advantage of LED over T5 lights is that it is more efficient, which will save cost (bulbs & power) in the long run. … LEDs also do not produce UV light by default (unless UV diodes are used), while florescent lighting does.

How long do T5 grow lights Last?

On average, an LED T5 lamp is rated to last as long as 50,000 hours. This is more than double the standard 24,000 hour life of a fluorescent tube. Installing lamps with this long of a lifespan eliminates the need for frequent replacement.

What does T5 mean for grow lights?

What is T5 lighting? They’re a special type of fluorescent T5 grow light that has become the industry-standard for growing seedlings and greens indoors. The bulbs are 5/8? in diameter and are some of the most efficient fluorescent bulbs you’ll find on the market.

How much area does a T5 cover?

T5 light to cover a 2-ft. by 4-ft. area.

What’s better T5 or T8?

If you do not need as many lumens, the lesser wattage T8 would be the better choice since it offers lower lumen and watt consumption. If you need higher levels of lighting, the T5 might be ideal for your situation.

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