How do I get my plants delivered to Brooklyn?

Reach us at [email protected] or 212-662-4400. is an expert in plants NYC deliveries and brings plants to the doors of New Yorkers every day of the year. We offer FREE Manhattan deliveries for online orders over $100 per location.

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Also question is, can succulents be shipped?

Succulents and cacti are generally quite hardy and can go long periods of time without water, so they are ideal plants to transport through the mail. Professional nurseries regularly ship their plants across the country and around the world with very few problems.

Similarly one may ask, can succulents survive in New York? Most areas in New York City fall to Zone 4 and 5 categories. Thus, the succulents which are suitable for New York city should be able to withstand the temperature of at least -30 F. Succulents such as Agave, Sedum (Stonecrop), and Jovibarba can thrive well under cold weather.

Similarly, how do you deliver succulents?

Does houseplant deliver to NY?

And Your Lifestyle, Too. Houseplant delivery to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Jersey City, Union City, Edgewater, Weehawken, West New York, Guttenberg, Hoboken & Fort Lee only.

Are Bloomscape plants good?

“We like Bloomscape the most because the site is user-friendly and offers a large variety of plants… It has unique accessories, plus you’ll feel supported… The reasonable prices, 30-day guarantee, and good shipping policies don’t hurt, either.”

How do I ship succulents online?

A strong corrugated cardboard box can be used to pack the succulents in. Tight packing is best for shipping. Place the succulents carefully inside the box after layering it with bubble wrap or more newspapers.

How long can a succulent live in a box?

How long will depend on the particular species, but in general, if they are in a place with minimal or no light, most succulents will live without deteriorating too much for 10-14 days. Some shade-tolerant succulents may go for longer.

Can you ship plants in the mail?

In fact, according to the USPS mailing code, most plants are mailable within the United States, as long as the USDA does not prohibit them. Just make sure that you’re gentle with the plant as you remove it from the soil. … Package and ship the plant as soon as possible.

Will succulents survive in Zone 5?

Zone 5 succulents, such as classic hens and chicks (Sempervivum) and bold yucca, will still survive that region’s winter and explode with beauty in spring. Growing succulents in zone 5 that are marginally hardy can also be done by planting in microclimates and protected areas of the garden.

Can you leave succulents outside in the winter?

Hardy succulents: Tolerate frost and can stay outdoors through below-freezing temperatures. They’re ideal for year-round, outdoor growing. In fact, hardy succulents grow better outdoors than in!

Where should I plant succulents outside?

Succulent Outdoor Plants

Sedum and sempervivum are easy to grow and adaptable to bright, sunny locations or even slightly dappled areas. Whatever types of plants you choose, succulents need well-drained soil. They can thrive in cracks and crevasses, rockeries, and sandy or gritty soils.

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