How do I get rid of gnats in my plants naturally?

One-Part Water to One-Part Apple Cider Vinegar

Fill a shallow saucer with this solution and mix in a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap. Keep it near your affected plants. The gnats will fall into the liquid and the soap will keep them from escaping. Add fresh vinegar and water as needed until the gnats are gone.

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Simply so, how do you stop plants from attracting gnats?

How To Get Rid Of Fungus Gnats In Houseplants Soil

  1. Control soil moisture. …
  2. Water plants from the bottom. …
  3. Use yellow houseplant sticky stakes. …
  4. Apply organic pest control products. …
  5. Remove the gnat infested soil. …
  6. Use soil covers. …
  7. Store unused potting soil in a sealed container. …
  8. Never reuse potting soil.
Correspondingly, what can I spray on my houseplants to get rid of gnats? Mix one tablespoon of lemon-scented dish soap with two liters of water. Pour into a spray bottle. Spray the infested houseplant liberally with the soap mixture. Be sure to coat the soil, stem and leaves thoroughly.

Accordingly, how do you get rid of gnats in plant soil?

Mix four parts water with one part hydrogen peroxide and spray down your soil. Fungus gnats are annoying, but they’re no match for a plant parent with a plan. Switch to less frequent watering during the winter and get in the habit of bottom-watering to avoid these icky pests—you will “gnat” be sorry!

Why do my plants keep getting gnats?

Because gnats in houseplants typically result when the potting mix contains too much moisture, the best way to prevent gnats from taking over your home is to avoid over-watering in the first place.

How do I get rid of flies in my potted plants?

Mix four parts water with one part hydrogen peroxide and soak your soil with the solution. Neem oil can also be diluted with water and applied to the soil to kill larvae. You can also use neem oil as a spray to kill adult flies on contact.

How do I get rid of little black flies in my house plants?

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