How do I keep my mother plant alive?

You can keep it manageable by keeping your mother plant small. Pruning branches regularly will encourage new branches to grow. The more branches your mother plant sprouts, the more clones you have to replant in your garden. Pruning the top will also keep the plant from growing too large.

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One may also ask, how long can you keep a mother plant weed?

Also, many growers opt to replace their mothers every 6–12 months with a new clone. ? Can You Clone a Plant Too Many Times? The genetic profile of a mother plant won’t change over time, so there’s no real limit on how many times you can clone her.

Also question is, how do you trim a mother plant? Grab your chosen clone or clones and top them, which is essentially pruning the top of the plant. Once they grow out their branches you’ll need to cut the tips off the branches just once, leaving two other sprouts underneath wherever you prune to make sure that two more branches can grow from where you’ve cut.

Keeping this in view, can you bud a mother plant?

A mother plant is any cannabis plant you take a clone from. … Some growers have dedicated mother plants only for taking cuttings, but this setup takes up a lot of space and materials—you’ll need to keep the mother plant alive, but you won’t get any buds off it because it’ll always stay in the vegetative stage.

What is the best light for a mother plant?

Lighting for the Mother Plants

Therefore, a good full-spectrum lighting system with a fair amount of blue spectrum light works best for mother plants. Most growers opt for a metal halide or fluorescent lighting system as both technologies contain a good amount of blue spectrum light.

How do you feed a mother plant?

It is better to feed a mother plant minimal nitrate nitrogen, and then if you notice a general yellowing of the leaves, feed the plant a little nitrogen boost fertilizer. Another essential element in a mother plant’s fertilizer regimen is calcium.

How long will a mother plant last?

You can keep a mother plant for anything between 6 months and 3 years before the plant starts to break down and lose its vigour, yield, smell or other characteristics.

Can you keep an Autoflower mother?

You can allow the mother plant to grow and flower if you don’t need any more cuttings. However, if you wish to get more, it can continue to grow in the vegetative stage as long as you want more clones.

Can you keep a weed plant in veg forever?

Cannabis is an annual flowering plant, its life cycle limited to just one season. … Altering a cannabis plant’s photoperiod schedule after harvest will allow you to re-veg it.

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