How do I know if my desert rose needs water?

In desert rose, the trunk swells to conserve moisture for times of drought. A nice fat trunk is an indicator of plant health. A skinny stem can indicate that the plant requires more moisture.

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Herein, do Desert Roses need a lot of water?

The desert rose only needs watering when the soil feels dry. In the winter, it only needs water every three or four weeks. This lets it be dormant so it can bloom better in the springtime [source: Sidhe]. The desert rose can be fertilized once a month in the spring and summer.

Additionally, can a desert rose get too much water? Overwatering is the biggest issue for desert roses. A desert rose that’s overwatered will rot quicker than similar plants. When you begin to notice, immediately reduce the amount of water. Then, put the plant in place with more sunlight to use up the water stored inside.

Also know, how do you water a desert rose?

During the summer months, they need regular watering. With a quick draining potting mix, water the desert rose when the soil feels completely dry when you insert your finger into the soil. Saturate the soil until moisture drips from bottom of the pot and make sure to empty pot’s drip tray after every watering.

How do you keep a Desert Rose blooming?

Desert rose needs time to mature and bloom. Flowering cycles generally come spring until fall. Since your plant does flower at least once a year, encourage good growth and provide several hours of sunlight to encourage more blooms. Apply a balanced fertilizer a few times during spring and summer.

Why are the leaves falling off my Desert Rose?

Leaves fall off a Desert Rose plant when it is over -watered. The fat bulbous trunk of a Desert Rose plant stores water, so allow the soil to dry out before watering. If the soil becomes excessively dry, the plant goes dormant, once you give it a little water it quickly wakes up and starts growing again.

Can desert rose get too much sun?

The desert rose flowering plant grows well in desert settings and will bloom beautifully with full, bright sun. They can also do well with bright morning sun or bright afternoon sun but may not flower as heavy. If kept in the shade, these plants become leggy and weak-stemmed.

Can a desert rose grow indoors?

When grown indoors, a Desert Rose can be 2ft – 5ft tall and 1ft -3 ft wide. Desert Rose plants have beautiful flowers and sparse small leaves. … A Desert Rose plant requires bright indirect light. High light refers only to bright indirect light since direct sun often burns the leaves of indoor houseplants.

How long does a desert rose live?

Tip. Outdoors, desert roses bloom in summer, with the possibility of additional blooms through the year. As houseplants, desert roses generally only bloom in summer according to Missouri Botanical Garden. Desert rose blooms last about seven days according to Ornamental Horticulture.

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