How do I know what kind of Aloe I have?

When it comes to determining Aloe, the main feature that sets them apart is the shape and the flesh of the leaves. Aloe leaves are thick and fleshy, triangle-shaped. The color can be light to dark green and Aloe are generally smaller in size compared to Agave leaves.

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Similarly one may ask, what type of aloe vera is poisonous?

There are three poisonous Aloe species ā€“ Aloe ballyi, Aloe elata and Aloe ruspoliana. These species have leaf sap that gives off a strong ratty odour.

Hereof, how many species of Aloe are there?

500 different species

Herein, how do I identify aloe vera arborescens?

It is described as a multi-headed shrub because it has a thick central woody trunk with many branches, much like a candelabra in shape, hence its common name. The long, thin, succulent, sword-shaped leaves are grey-green in colour, or green with a slight blue tint, and are lined with pale teeth along the leaf margins.

What is decolorized aloe vera juice?

Decolorized means it has been purified to reduce aloin and other anthraquinone levels. In 2010, a two-year study conducted by the National Toxicology Program found that orally ingesting non-decolorized, whole-leaf aloe vera extract (which contains aloin) caused cancer in rats. (

What is latex in aloe vera?

Aloe vera plants have thick green leaves which contain gel and latex. The gel is viscous, colourless and transparent, and is the therapeutic part of the Aloe vera leaf. The latex is a thick yellow liquid that is found between the gel and the inner rind of the leaf.

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