How do you care for a Mangave plant?

Care. Light: Mangave can tolerate partial shade, but the more sun they get, the more colorful their speckles will be. Protect from afternoon sun when temperatures exceed 85F. It is truly an outdoor plant but can tolerate short spells indoors on sunny sills and under grow lights if necessary.

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Similarly one may ask, how big does Mangave get?

Mangaves resemble compact, symmetrical agaves with succulent leaves. They typically grow to 8–24 in (20–60 cm) high and up to 18 in (50 cm) wide, although some can grow up to 4 ft (120 cm) high and 6 ft (180 cm) wide. The leaves of the plant are stiff, sometimes fragile, and variable in foliage color and patterns.

In this regard, is Mangave a succulent? ‘Fiercely Fabulous’ Mangave

A truly fabulous succulent, ‘Fiercely Fabulous’ would make a splash in any container or landscape. Wide leaves have serrated margins that form a beautiful upright habit. Gray-green leaves appear to be lightly airbrushed with burgundy red and dark spots cover the leaves.

Then, what is the difference between agave and Mangave?

Although it varies by variety, Mangave can be expected to grow twice as fast as an Agave and tolerate high levels of moisture better. If you’re looking for a focal point succulent, Mangave can fill that role for you AND fill out a container without the wait.

How fast do Mangave grow?

Compared to the slow-growing Agaves, these Mangaves grow really fast! A Mangave plug grown from tissue culture takes 12 to 16 weeks to fill out a quart container, then another two weeks to fill a gallon. Agaves, in comparison, take 63 weeks.

Is Mangave a cactus?

Mangave is

Hardiness 9 – 10 What’s My Zone?
Plant Type Cactus – Succulents
Plant Family Mangaves
Exposure Full Sun
Season of Interest Spring (Early,Mid,Late) Summer (Early,Mid,Late) Fall Winter

Are Mangave Hardy?

The leaves are usually marked with spots of burgundy or red. Mangave are more hardy than other succulents. They are happy for a sunny position in the garden and are happy to take more water. Regular watering during the growing season will encourage them to grow on at a good speed.

How often should I water Mangave?

Wait for the soil of your Mangave ‘Pineapple Express’ to completely dry out before watering it. Once the soil is dry, water it thoroughly and let the excess water drain out through the drainage hole. In the summer, depending on the temperature, it means watering it every two to three weeks or even less frequently.

Can Mangave be grown indoors?

‘ “Mangaves are fantastic in containers. They’re not great indoors—they lose their color without UV light. If need be, overwinter them inside, then take them outside in the spring.

Are Mangave cold hardy?

Although some mangaves are a bit more cold-hardy than others, most are hardy in USDA Zones 8–11. They are happy in full sun or partial shade, and they need little water to thrive. Mangaves are also deer and rabbit resistant, which makes them a delight in front yards.

How do you take care of spotty dotty Mangave?

Best color in full sun

Botanical Pronunciation man-GAH-vee
Water Needs Low
Watering Needs Water deeply when soil is dry.

How cold can Mangave tolerate?

TEMPERATURE – Mangaves are hardy to zones 8 through 10. While they can tolerate a short, light frost, the minimum temperature they should be grown at is around 60 degrees. Extended cool temperatures can cause the plants to decline.

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