How do you care for a paddle leaf succulent?

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Also question is, is the paddle plant a succulent?

What is a paddle plant? Also known as flapjack paddle plant (Kalanchoe thyrsiflora), this succulent kalanchoe plant has with thick, rounded, paddle-shaped leaves. The plant is also known as red pancake because the leaves frequently take on a reddish or deep pink tint during the winter.

Simply so, do paddle plants spread? Paddle plants can attain a height of between 12? to 30? inches and spread as wide as 18? inches. The round, large, fleshy, stalkless leaves, grayish-green in color have red margins on the edge combining to form a basal rosette. Mature plants as the age or flower will branch.

Secondly, how often should you water a paddle plant?

Water a paddle plant succulent whenever the top 2” or 3” (5 – 7.5 cm) of soil is completely dry. During the summer, you may only have to water a flapjack succulent every two weeks. In winter, keep watering to a minimum or don’t water it at all. Paddle plants are drought-tolerant succulents.

Does a paddle plant bloom?

The paddle-shaped leaves of Kalanchoe luciae are edged with red or pink. … Kalanchoe luciae starting to bolt. Flapjacks flowering in Southern California. If protected over the winter and given enough light, flapjacks will bloom in late winter to early spring.

When should you repot a paddle plant?


Is paddle plant rare?

Kalanchoe luciae is not as rare, but its often mistaken for its far more rare relative, Kalanchoe thyrsiflora. … thyrsiflora has cylindrical and always brilliant yellow flowers.

Are paddle plants toxic?

The drought tolerant flapjack (or paddle) plant can be a lovely addition to a potted succulent collection. But remember this succulent is toxic. … With a little prevention and caution, the paddle plant will provide beautiful, plump, red-tinged leaves for years to come.

How do you trim a paddle plant?

How big does a paddle plant get?

18 inches tall

Why is my paddle plant so tall?

If you are keeping your plants indoors where they are not getting plenty of light exposure, they will start growing taller than normal. Outdoor Kalanchoes may also appear stretched out or taller than normal if they are kept at very shady places, where the sunlight can’t reach the plants.

Can the paddle plant go outside?

While usually grown as a houseplant, the succulent perennials of the Kalanchoe family can grow outside in regions with warm or mild winters. Climate needs vary by species, so to grow outdoors you need make sure the kalanchoe plant you choose can survive.

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