How do you care for Parva Echeveria?

Echeveria parva care starts with planting these lovely rosettes in a full sun location. If you are doing container plants, place them outside in summer in a sunny spot. Regular irrigation is an important part of care for echeveria parva plants. Water regularly but not too often during the growing season.

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Additionally, can you keep Echeveria indoors?

Echeverias are fairly common outdoors but in the last few years, they’ve become very trendy modern indoor houseplants. … Although native to semi-desert areas of Central America, Mexico and northwestern South America, they still do remarkably well as indoor plants.

Thereof, how often do you water Echeveria succulents? Generally speaking, count on watering once every week to ten days; however, small variables such as pot size and plant size may influence this schedule. It’s best to simply check your soil every few days and water when it is nearly completely dry.

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