How do you care for Senecio radicans?

Keep plants just moist until established, then water only when the soil is dry during warmer months. In cool months, water these plants less frequently and allow the soil to stay dry for a week before watering. Senecio radicans has a high tolerance for drought.

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Correspondingly, are Senecio radicans poisonous?

These plants are mildly toxic to people and most pets including cats and dogs. Although the problems caused by ingesting the plant or getting sap on the skin are likely to be minor, care should still be taken to keep them away from curious pets or children especially as the unusual shape of the leaves can be inviting.

In this way, are string of bananas and fish hooks the same? The String of Fish Hooks is very similar to the String of Bananas and can sometimes be mixed up. The String of Fish Hooks is blueish green in colour and the leaves are much thinner and hook like. Where as the String of Bananas is greener in colouring and the leaves are more plump like bananas.

Also question is, how much sun does string of bananas need?

These trailing succulents require bright, direct light when grown indoors. Choose a location that receives at least six hours of sunlight throughout the day. String of bananas do well under grow lights as well if needed.

Do chain of hearts need sun?

Chain of Hearts love bright light but they do not want to be in direct sunshine. So be careful not to fry them. If you are keeping your plant outdoors (which you definitely can if you want to!) it’s best to place it somewhere that has bright shade or filtered sunshine.

What’s wrong with my string of dolphins?

Browning of a string of dolphin leaves could be either caused by overwatering or underwatering. When this happens, make sure to check the dryness of the soil and adjust your watering technique appropriately to prevent further damage.

Is senecio toxic to dogs?

Although it is beautiful, the string of pearls plant is toxic to dogs as well as humans. In humans, eating part of the plant can cause moderate gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting. However, if your dog consumes any of the string of pearls, the toxic compounds in the plant can be devastating.

Are senecio toxic to cats?

The String of Pearls plant is considered ?TOXIC? to both cats and dogs AND humans but like, just don’t eat your house plants you goof!

Why is my string of bananas thin?

If you water once a month or less and you notice your String of Bananas are shriveling, they are clearly being underwatered. If however, you have been watering your plant regularly about once a week and you notice the plant looking sick, discoloring and becoming mushy, chances are the plant is receiving too much water.

How do you propagate a Senecio fish hook?

What are dolphin strings?

String of Dolphins might be the cutest succulent in existence. This plant, whose scientific name is Senecio peregrinus, has leaves that are shaped like little dolphins leaping out of the water. These little dolphins grow on trailing vines like other “String of” plants such as hearts, bananas, turtles, pearls, etc.

How often should you water fish hook?

every 3-6 weeks

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