How do you cluster pots?

The idea is that the pots and plants should step down proportionally from each other. You may also want to consider contrasting the textures of the plants. For example, mix hard spiky leaves with soft smaller flowers. Another idea would be to pick a plant theme colour and repeating it in all pots.

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Additionally, how do you group plants together?

To add colour to a group bring together brightly coloured plants like croton or red aglaonema with mellower foliage like ferns or peperomias. You can also add trailing varieties like the sedum as ground cover. Pair flowering plants like kalanchoes with peperomia, fittonia, and philodendron on a moss stick.

Correspondingly, how do you cluster indoor plants? Curated Cluster

Group plants in cool planters together in one corner of a room. This works great with taller indoor plants, but you can also use varying height plant stands to prop up smaller plants. You can’t go wrong with this approach, which is why it’s probably our favorite way to decorate with indoor plants.

Consequently, how do I arrange my patio pots?

Place your container in groups at the corners or near the edge of your patio. Choose a 4-inch pot for small tables, and a 6-inch pot for the patio table. Suspend hanging baskets on any walls that are adjacent to the patio. Turn empty containers upside-down and set a container of equal size on top to create height.

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