How do you grow Barbados gooseberries?

How to Grow Barbados Gooseberry

  1. Plant Type: Tropical Fruiting Cactus Vine.
  2. Harvest Season: Fruits late Spring – early Summer and again in Fall.
  3. Mature Size: Up to 33 ft. vine.
  4. Soil & Moisture: Does well in dry or moist environments in loose, sandy soil.
  5. Exposure: Full Sun, Part Shade.

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In this manner, is Lemon vine fruit edible?

EDIT : As per wikipedia both the leaves and fruit are edible , leaves are a good source of protein( 20 percent protein in dry leaves ) .

Also question is, how do you grow a lemon vine?

People also ask, how do you plant a rose cactus?

Use a rich, well-drained soil for rose cactus. The University of Oklahoma recommends a mix of 2 parts peat moss, 1 part loam and 2 parts sand or perlite. During warm months when plants are actively growing, keep the soil moist. Plants tolerate drier conditions but won’t be as leafy.

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