How do you look after topiary balls?

Topiary needs aerated soil so make sure it doesn’t become waterlogged. Use good compost, bark mulch and grit. Feed your plants with slow release fertiliser granules, and Growmore once every spring. Water regularly over summer and give a light watering in winter.

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Additionally, how often should you water topiary balls?

You should aim to water them once every week, but if they’re in an area that gets direct sunlight, you might want to water them more often than that. The best time to water your topiary is in the morning, when it’s cool outside.

Then, how do you maintain a topiary tree? The main thing to remember when maintaining topiary is to keep up with the pruning—don’t fall behind. Your trees will push out new growth in spring and may also produce some new foliage later in the growing season; at least a couple of times a year, you’ll want to shear that new growth off.

Furthermore, how much sun does a topiary need?

Topiaries are for outdoor use only, preferring full to partial sun, and requiring a minimum of 4-5 hours of direct sunlight each day. Plants will defoliate if brought inside or planted in the shade.

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