How do you make a monogram planter?

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Moreover, how do you plant letters?

Regarding this, how do you make a succulent box?

Likewise, what is carpet bedding?

: a patterned arrangement of low or clipped herbaceous and usually varicolored foliage plants —distinguished from design bedding.

How do I plant garlic?

Break apart cloves from the bulb a few days before planting, but keep the papery husk on each individual clove. Place cloves 2 to 4 inches apart and 2 inches deep, in their upright position (the wide root side facing down and pointed end facing up). Plant in rows spaced 10 to 14 inches apart.

How do you spell flowers when writing words?

How to Plant Flowers to Spell Out Words or Pictures

  1. Plan your design on a piece of graph paper.
  2. Loosen the soil and dig in compost or manure if the soil is poor.
  3. Rake out rocks, then smooth the soil with the back of your rake.
  4. Mark the letters with sand or spray chalk, or outline the letters with stakes.

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