How do you make polymer clay pinch pots?

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Also to know is, can you use polymer clay for pots?

If you want to try making your own pots for succulents, polymer clay can be a great option! Polymer clay is water proof, so you’ll want to add a drainage hole to allow water to flow out of the pot. … This will ensure your succulents will be happy in their personalized homes.

Similarly one may ask, what kind of clay do you use for pinch pots? 1 ‘Grogged’ clay has greater strength to hold its shape without cracking, so is therefore a good choice if pinching for the first time.

Also know, can you get polymer clay wet?

As polymer clay is a waterproof oil based material it can get wet, either in it’s baked or unbaked state. Water can however make the clay a little more brittle, if a design is submerged after baking.

Is polymer safe for plants?

In three separate experiments conducted at the University of California, Riverside, researchers concluded that although polymers are useful in some situations, “Water-absorbing soil additives don’t always reduce irrigation needs or benefit plants grown in containers.” A later study, also done at UC Riverside, found …

How do you make clay plant pots?

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