How do you prune an overgrown aloe vera plant?

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One may also ask, can I cut the top off my aloe plant?

Answer: You mostly see this kind of bare stem on either very old aloes (Aloe vera) or those seriously lacking light. Fortunately, you can easily solve the problem by cutting off the top of the plant and rerooting it. … Place the cutting in a well-lit spot, preferably one that gets a few hours of sun daily.

Moreover, how do you take care of a large aloe vera plant? The aloe is a succulent plant that’s accustomed to arid environments, but its thick leaves still need sufficient water nonetheless.

  1. Water aloe vera plants deeply, but infrequently. …
  2. To ensure that you’re not overwatering your plant, allow the top third of potting soil to dry out between waterings.

Subsequently, how do I fix my stretched aloe plant?

Aloe plants absolutely must have bright light to stay healthy. Luckily, if it does etiolate – stretch – then it’s easy to fix. Simply unscrew the top five to eight leaf cluster at the top of the stem, just like a light bulb.

How do you fix top heavy aloe?

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