How do you take care of a fishbone cactus?

Fishbone Cactus Care

Fishbone cactus thrives in indirect light but can tolerate periods of bright sun. Like most cacti, fishbone cactus houseplant does best when allowed to dry out between watering. During winter, cut watering in half and then reinstate when spring growth begins.

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Regarding this, is fishbone cactus a succulent?

The Epiphyllum anguliger, more commonly known as a Fishbone cactus is one of my favorite plants. The fishbone cactus grows long, flat, succulent stems resembling fishbones. … The cactus is also known as a zig zag or ric rac (rick rack) cactus. A fishbone cactus is easy to care for and very low maintenance.

Subsequently, how do I get my fishbone cactus to bloom? To help encourage blooming, keep your Fishbone Cactus in a cool spot of around 11-14°C or 52-57°F. Keep the potting mix on the dry side. Next is to check for any buds forming, if buds are forming, slowly move it in a warm spot, water your Fishbone Cactus, and feed it with tomato feed.

Additionally, how often should I water my fishbone cactus?

I water once the top couple of centimetres are dry which in summer can be once a week. I make sure to always water at the sink and allow the water to drain thoroughly away before placing back in its decorative pot. Throughout the winter the plant will require less frequent watering, once every 2-3 weeks.

Why is my fishbone cactus floppy?

If your Fishbone cactus doesn’t get enough water, the leaves may become limp, discolored, and can even start to feel crispy and hard. If this happens, you will need to increase your plant’s water intake gradually. … You can also try moving the plant to a shadier area so that less water is evaporated by light exposure.

Why is my fishbone cactus skinny?

Bright and indirect sunlight is what’s going to keep your fishbone cactus happy and healthy. … If it’s not getting enough sun, it will start to stretch out and grow long and skinny as it reaches for more light. Don’t place it in front of full sun or a hot window as your cactus will scorch.

Can you plant succulent aerial roots?

(Some plants, like mangroves, grown in very wet or swampy conditions actually use aerial roots for the reverse process — to help the plant to breathe. Succulents are likely to die from such wet conditions before aerial roots could be developed.) Aerial roots also provide support for plants in a few ways.

How do you take a cutting from a fishbone cactus?

Fishbone Cactus Propagation in Potting Mix – Stem Cuttings

Take a pair of clean, sharp scissors and cut off one of the stems. Then, cut the whole stem into sections that are a few inches long. Make sure you are keeping track of which part is the top vs. the bottom of each section.

Why is my fishbone cactus turning yellow?

If you keep the soil too wet you can see a yellow shade developing on your succulent. This is a sign of stress, and the plant can’t live in such moist conditions. Your cactus should be watered only when the soil is fully dry.

Do ric rac cactus like to be root bound?

What is this? Speaking of rootbound—ric rac cactuses have the best chance of flowering when they are rootbound. Though flowering on ric rac plants indoors is rare. A diluted liquid fertilizer for cactuses or orchids can help keep this plant healthy, but it should be used sparingly.

How long does it take for fishbone cactus to bloom?

four to seven years

What to do with Christmas cactus after it blooms?

A life after Christmas – What to do with your Christmas Cactus after the season. Keep your cacti looking its best during and after the Christmas season by deadheading all the spent blooms. This also encourages the plant to continue blooming.

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