How do you take care of a Gasteraloe?

As a houseplant or potted patio plant, Gasteraloe should be treated as a typical succulent. It is a vigorous grower that should be repotted every two years and fed every spring with a slow release fertilizer. Water a potted Gasteraloe sparingly when dry to the touch, and about once per month in winter.

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Furthermore, how big does Gasteraloe grow?

12 inches

Then, is Gasteraloe edible? Gasteria flowers are edible, raw or cooked and a traditional component of stews.

Likewise, people ask, how do you care for a succulent gasteria plant?

Outdoor Gasteria plant care requires afternoon shade and possibly an all-day dappled sun area, depending on the climate. Gasteria glomerata and Gasteria bicolor may grow outdoors in the ground in some areas. As with all outdoor succulent plants, plant them in a quick-draining soil mixture to prevent root rot.

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