How do you take care of a inch plant?

Inch plant care requires bright, indirect light. If the light is too dim, the distinctive leaf markings will fade. Keep the soil slightly moist, but don’t water directly into the crown as this will cause an unsightly rot. Care should be taken, particularly in winter, that the plant doesn’t become too dry.

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Furthermore, is an inch plant an indoor plant?

About the Wandering Jew Plant. The Wandering Jew, Wandering Dude, Inch Plant, Spiderwort or Tradescantia Zebrina is a houseplant that can be grown in a hanging basket to show off its long beautiful trailing vines or kept contained and compact in a pot.

Similarly one may ask, why is an inch plant called an inch plant? The leaves are ovate and clasp the stem at the base. Tiny three-petaled lavender-purple flowers appear infrequently indoors. Leaf nodes on the stem are supposed to be 1-inch apart, hence the common name inch plant.

Correspondingly, is inch plant indoor or outdoor?

Grow in all-purpose indoor potting mix in either a pot or hanging basket. Select a location that delivers medium to bright light. Keep inch plants out of direct sunlight and out of dark areas, which will cause them to become leggy. The room temperature should be between 55° and 75°F.

How do I make my inch plant bushy?

Where should I put my inch plant?

Inch plant should be planted in shade to partial sun (indirect sunlight) either in hanging baskets or in the ground in the spring. You may either use a start from the local nursery or a cutting from an existing inch plant. Inch plants will do best in rich soil with good drainage.

Does inch plant need sunlight?

Grow inch plant in medium or bright light. It tolerates low light for a time, but the plant’s overall health will decline if kept in too little light for too long. Most types of inch plant can take a little direct sun on their leaves, making them fun choices for growing in a sunny window.

Does inch plant need drainage?

Water: Keep soil lightly moist in the growing season, slightly drier in winter. Use a pot with drainage holes; water thoroughly till water comes out the bottom, then empty drainage tray. With Inch Plant care should be taken not to allow soggy soil — a sure-fire way to kill it.

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