How do you take care of a Thanksgiving cactus?

To care for your Thanksgiving cactus, allow the soil to dry out during “resting periods,” or in other words, when it is not producing blooms. Water only when the soil is dry to the touch. Overwatering can kill the plant. Provide plenty of indirect light and room temperatures of 60 to 65 degrees F.

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Similarly, can you grow a Thanksgiving cactus from cuttings?

Growing Thanksgiving Cactus Cuttings

The plants are easy to propagate and multiply. Snip off a stem with 4 to 5 sections and leaves. Dust the end with fungicide and allow it to callus for a week in a dry location. Fill a small clay pot with vermiculite or perlite mixed with potting soil.

Then, how do you grow Thanksgiving cactus? Allow the stem to callus, and then plant it in soil and tent the plant to keep the humidity level around the plant up. Allow the cutting to have an hour of fresh air each day, and in three weeks, the cutting should take root. It will take a few years for the Thanksgiving cactus to bloom.

Keeping this in consideration, how much light does a Thanksgiving cactus need?

The plant will need 12 to 14 hours of total darkness, along with cool night temperatures of 60 to 65 °(F), for about three to four weeks in order to set buds. When you see buds forming, you can return to normal lighting, but try to keep the plants cool.

What do you feed a Thanksgiving cactus?

Fertilize plants monthly from the time new growth starts in late winter or early spring, and throughout the summer using a one-half strength soluble fertilizer, such as a 20-10-20 or 20-20-20 with trace elements. Holiday cacti have a higher requirement for magnesium than many plants.

When should I prune my Thanksgiving cactus?

The best time to prune a Christmas cactus is right after it has bloomed. At this time, the Christmas cactus will be entering a growth period and will start to put out new leaves. Pruning a Christmas cactus right after it blooms will force it to branch out, which means the plant will grow more of its distinctive stems.

Can you propagate Thanksgiving cactus in water?

ANSWER: Some plants can be propagated by rooting a cutting in water, while other plants must have soil in order for their cuttings to develop roots. … To root a piece of Christmas cactus in water, you will need a few cuttings from a healthy Christmas cactus, a glass jar, and some pebbles or stones.

How do you propagate Thanksgiving cactus in water?

Rooting Christmas Cactus in Water

The best way to root a Christmas cactus in water is to place the cutting into the water (cut end downwards) until two nodes are submerged. Place the jar, vase, or container in bright, indirect sunlight (indoors or outdoors) and leave the cutting for a few days to develop roots.

Are coffee grounds good for Christmas cactus?

The main benefit of using coffee grounds on Christmas cactus is, of course, it helps it bloom in season. It will give your cacti the little boost it needs and can help revive your Christmas cactus if you think it may be dying.

Are Thanksgiving cactus poisonous to dogs?

Christmas cactus, Thanksgiving cactus, Easter cactus (Schlumbergera or Zygocactus). In dogs, if large quantities of this plant are ingested, vomiting, possibly with blood, diarrhea, possibly with blood and mental depression have been reported. … These plants are considered low toxicity plants.

Are Thanksgiving cactus poisonous to cats?

According to the ASPCA plant database, Christmas cactus is not toxic or poisonous to cats, but insecticides and other chemicals used on the plant may be toxic. In addition, a sensitive cat eating Christmas cactus may suffer an allergic reaction.

Do you water a Christmas cactus from the top or bottom?

In general, water a Christmas cactus when the top inch or 2 of soil is dry. To help increase the humidity around your plant, fill the pot saucer with pebbles and add water to just below the tops of the pebbles (the pot shouldn’t be sitting directly in water). The air will become more humid as the water evaporates.

Should you mist a Christmas cactus?

You should be misting, not watering, every day.

Instead of watering it like you would a traditional plant, you should be misting your cactus every day. A few squirts from a spray bottle is all you need to keep your cactus happy.

How long does it take for Thanksgiving cactus to bloom?

This means total darkness—even turning on a light one time during that window interrupts the cycle and flower buds will fail to form. Holiday cacti need 6 weeks of long, dark nights to form flower buds.

Should I fertilize my Christmas cactus while it is blooming?

If you continue feeding the plant when it is not actively growing, the salt can build up in the bud, which will keep it from blooming. Never fertilize a Christmas cactus when the plant begins to flower because it can cause the buds to fall.

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