How do you take care of pinwheel succulents?

These succulents enjoy a little more water than most. Keep the soil slightly moist, but don’t allow it to become soggy as this may cause root rot. Use a balanced fertilizer diluted to half strength and feed one time monthly during the growing season. Do not fertilize during the summer when the plant is dormant.

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Moreover, how do you propagate a copper pinwheel?

How To Propagate Sunburst Succulent

  1. Take the cutting from the plant using a sterile and sharp pair of scissors or knife.
  2. Make sure to cut the stems away from its main cluster.
  3. Allow the cutting to become callous for the next few days.
  4. Later, plant the cuttings in well-draining soil.
Accordingly, how do you care for aeonium Sunburst? Aeoniums may go dormant in summer and do not require any water, except in excessively dry conditions. When in growth water moderately and feed every two or three weeks with a balanced liquid feed. During the winter months, restrict water to just enough to keep the foliage from shriveling.

Hereof, how do you propagate green pinwheels?

Propagate Aeoniums by stem cuttings, except for unbranched species that die after flowering and are propagated from seed. Take cuttings when the plant is actively growing, usually fall in USDA zones 9 through 11. Aeoniums go dormant in summer; cuttings taken while plants are dormant don’t root.

How do you look after Aeonium zwartkop?

Ideally, the plant needs 5-6 hours of bright sunlight a day to thrive. Be careful not to overwater Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ when grown indoors and make sure to provide a well draining potting mix. Low light and constantly wet soil will be detrimental to this plant and will send it to an early grave.

Does Aeonium grow in winter?

Unlike many other succulents, Aeoniums are winter growers. They thrive in the cool, winter rainfall regions and are dormant in the hot, dry summer months. … As Aeonium come out of dormancy, they open rosettes and start happily growing! In a mild climate, the dormant period may be short-lived or just skipped over.

How do you make an aeonium bushy?

How to Force Your Aeonium to Branch Out

  1. You will need some nice clean shears to cut right on the stem. You’ll be cutting the stem of your Aeonium.
  2. For a taller plant, you will want to cut more. You may cut up to 6 inches. For smaller plants, you may only need to cut the stem down to as small as half of an inch.

What soil do aeoniums like?

Unlike other succulents, which prefer dry soil, aeoniums prefer soil that is moist but not wet. They can produce roots along their stems, which you may notice if the plant gets pot bound or the stems fall and touch the soil. Make sure these roots do not dry out.

Why is my aeonium dropping leaves?

Aeoniums also shed leaves under stress, such as during an intense heatwave, or when underwatered. To conserve energy and water, an underwatered aeonium will shed its bottom leaves and if underwatering continues, the aeonium will continue to shed leaves and the rosettes will close up.

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