How do you transition plants from inside to outside?

Start by placing your plant in a shady area for a few hours each day, and slowly increase the outdoor time over 7-10 days. You can expose your plant to the morning sun after about five days. Never allow your indoor foliage plants to sit in the full sun.

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Also question is, is it harder to grow indoor or outdoor?

Indoor allows you to completely control your environment, including temperature, light source, CO2 levels, and humidity, without having to worry about weather. Indoor typically produces flower with higher THC percentages. And cost matters. Outdoor farms require far less investment.

Hereof, how cold is too cold for house plants? Most houseplants are tropicals and prefer temperatures between 65-75°F during the day and about 10 degrees cooler at night. For many plants, temperatures below 50°F can cause problems.

Similarly, is 40 degrees too cold for plants?

Times for planting might include late winter or early spring, when temperatures fall below 40 degrees at night in most parts of the country. … After hardening off the annual seedlings, you can plant hardy annuals if the temperature stays at 40 degrees or above.

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor pots?

Outdoor pots should have at least one drainage hole to ensure water can run freely through the soil and out the bottom. Indoor pots will generally not have a drainage hole, with the plant generally kept in its plastic pot using the decorative or ‘cache’ pot as the saucer.

Is light DEP better than indoor?

Utilizing light deprivation techniques allows you to harvest three to four times a year (strain determinate) without any additional supplemental lighting. Growing in an outdoor, light dep greenhouse operation, your projected yields will be roughly 25-30% higher than an indoor operation.

Can outdoor look like indoor?

It’s important to note that buds can be grown properly or improperly regardless of whether they were grown inside or outside, so improperly grown indoor can visually look like outdoor, while properly grown outdoor can easily look like indoor. … If you guessed A was outdoor and B was indoor you are correct!

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