How do you treat Conophytum?

When Conophytums go dormant in the spring, they require little or no water. In the fall, when plants will begin growing, it is safe to water deeply, allowing the soil to dry before watering again. During active growth, if leaves start to wrinkle, your Conophytum needs water.

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Then, how do you plant Conophytum Bilobum seeds?

Beside this, how do I plant succulent seeds? Plant seeds as deep into the soil as the seeds are wide and press down lightly. Cover small seeds with a sprinkling of sand to hold them in place. Seed spacing will depend on the species of cactus or succulent you are germinating. Cover the pans with clear plastic or glass.

Keeping this in consideration, what is a Mesemb?

The Aizoaceae, or fig-marigold family, is a large family of dicotyledonous flowering plants containing 135 genera and about 1800 species. … They are often called vygies in South Africa and New Zealand. Highly succulent species that resemble stones are sometimes called mesembs.

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