How do you water a LiveTrends plant?

Water: Allow plants to dry before watering. Don’t worry if plants become very dry, they will go slightly dormant without harm. Use approximately 2oz of water every two weeks. Light: Bright artificial light indoors or near a window without direct sun.

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Similarly, where can I buy live trend plants?

LiveTrends House Plants at

In this regard, what is indirect sunlight? What Is Indirect Sunlight? Indirect light is sunlight that either passes through a medium—a window shade or the leaves of a tree—or reflects off another surface before reaching a plant. Most indoor settings only provide indirect light.

Also question is, how do you care for a Ashima plant?


  1. Inspired by Ashima; the most famous rock formation in the Stone Forest of China; the formation is a symbol of love and protection.
  2. Display in medium to bright light; slowly pour water evenly around the base of the plant when the top two inches of soil feel dry.

How do you take care of a money tree indoors?

Position your Money Tree in medium to bright indirect light, turning it every time you water it for even growth and leaf development. This plant will also adapt to low and fluorescent lights. Your Money Tree prefers deep but infrequent watering. Water your Money Tree when the top 50%-75% of the soil is dry.

Can plants be altruistic?

This study demonstrates that plants are social organisms. It shows that altruism is possible among plants and that response to both kin and strangers depend on the ecology of the plant species.

How do you care for alocasia Polly?

Alocasia Polly enjoy weekly watering sessions and frequent misting, keeping their soil moist but not wet. In winter, we recommend allowing the top 2′ of soil to dry out between waterings to prevent overwatering and root rot.

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