How does white top spread?

A single plant produces up to 4,800 seeds that are viable for up to 3 years in the soil. In warmer climates, whitetop may produce several seed crops during a growing season. Seed is dispersed by water, wind, and animals; seed may move great distances as a contaminant in other types of seed.

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One may also ask, when Should I spray my white top?

Herbicide should be applied to rosettes early in the spring or to fall regrowth. Successful control usually depends on an aggressive reapplication program. Always follow the product label to ensure proper use.

Besides, how long does it take for Chaparral to work? However, to obtain the herbicide’s full effect on weeds, hay producers should delay cutting until at least 14 days after spraying with Chaparral. The short 14-day interval still allows producers to cut, spray and stay on a 28-day harvest schedule.

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