How long does it take for a blue agave plant to grow?

around 7 years

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Regarding this, are agave plants fast growing?

Agave plants (Agave spp.) generally are succulents with large leaves that end in spiny tips. … It’s typically best to plant this slow-growing succulent in the spring or early fall. When agave matures after several years or even several decades, a tall flower stalk often grows out of the plant’s center.

Furthermore, how big do blue agave plants get?
2 metres

Additionally, how often should I water a blue agave?

Water a newly planted blue agave once weekly for about a month if it does not rain. Thereafter water thoroughly once or twice monthly in the absence of rainfall throughout the growing season. Water enough to evenly moisten the soil but not enough to make it soggy or wet. These plants cannot tolerate wet feet.

Are blue agave plants poisonous?

University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources characterizes agave as being mildly toxic. It describes the plant as having oxalate crystals in its leaves, which can cause extreme irritation.

Is agave poisonous to dogs?

Squirrels often hide in Agave americana and dogs that chase them can get the plant’s toxic juices on their fur, ingest it and become very sick, the council said. The dog that survived the recent poisoning required extensive emergency care and hospitalization.

How tall do agave plants get?


genus name Agave
plant type Perennial
height 1 to 3 feet 3 to 8 feet 8 to 20 feet 20 feet or more
width From 1 to 10 feet
flower color Green White Yellow

What grows well with agave blue?

A Striking Water-Wise Border with Agave, Cactus and Ocotillo

Terrific at adding texture, color and shape to the landscape, all these plants look good year-round, are deer resistant, drought tolerant, fuss-free, and some have even won the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society.

How long do agave plants live?

What makes this agave’s 80-year life span so unusual is that in nature, American agave plants usually flower after about 10 to 25 years, according to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Why the plant flowers when it does is just another of nature’s many mysteries.

Why is my agave plant yellowing?

The most common reason for agave leaves turning yellow is overwatering. However, you need to further assess the condition since there are also other possible things to watch out for such as lack of sunlight, low temperature, high humidity, pest infestation, or diseases.

Does agave need direct sunlight?

A fullsun location is ideal for agave, but it will tolerate some shade. In very hot, dry regions, protection from intense sun is recommended.

How much agave do you need to make tequila?

It takes a little more than 11 pounds of agave to make a bottle of tequila. Today, the average blue agave plant, the kind required to make tequila, weighs in at about 110 pounds or more.

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