How much does turface cost?

Why Purchase Amendments by Volume not by Weight

Amendment lbs. / Cubic Ft. Cost per 50lb. Bag
Turface Pro League 35 $10.00
Moltan 49 $7.14
Soil Master Plus 39 $8.97
Fields Choice 50 $7.00

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Herein, what can I use instead of turface?

Napa floor dry #8822 is used as a substitute for turface.

Hereof, is turface calcined clay? Turface is a high fired Calcined Clay, for use in soil mixes for Bonsai, Succulents, Cactus & soil mixes for specialty nursery plants requiring well draining soil and moisture control.

Likewise, what is turface used for?

Turface is most commonly used as a soil additive to help improve drainage. We use turface is our pre-mixed and ready to use Tropical, Conifer, Deciduous, or Azalea bonsai soil. Turface absorbs its weight in water while decreasing soil compaction, which is what you want from bonsai soil.

What is turface made from?

How many bags of field conditioner Do I Need?

With most infield mixes, the recommendation for Turface® incorporation is about one ton (roughly 40 bags) of product per 1,000 square feet of skinned area. This results in approximately 10 tons of Turface for a high school, college or professional field with 90 foot baselines and grass infield.

Is turface good for plants?

Turface is a high-fired clay that helps to retain moisture without reducing drainage, prevents compaction, provides more porosity and reduces leaching of nutrients from the soil. For plants that grow well in a more organic soil, such as most woodland plants, use the lower percent of Turface.

What is turface soil conditioner?

Whether your field is built on native soil or sand, Turface® Athletics offers conditioners that improve footing, enhance drainage and hold just the right amount of air, water and nutrients at the root zone where your grass needs it the most!

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