How often should I water a staghorn fern?

A good rule of thumb is to water once per week in dry, hot times of year, and once every two to three weeks during cooler months. Start with this schedule, and adjust as necessary depending on your space. Staghorn ferns absorb water through their fronds, as well as their roots.

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Secondly, how do you look after a staghorn plant?

Care of Staghorn Ferns

Good staghorn fern care requires frequent watering, but allow the plant medium to dry out in between. Fertilize them once per month with a 1:1:1 ration fertilizer diluted in water. The plant is prone to black spot, which is a fungal disease.

In this way, are staghorn ferns expensive? “My staghorn fern is turning yellow. What should I do?” Staghorn ferns are some of the most unusual-looking plants home gardeners can grow. They can also be expensive, so it’s important to catch any problems early.

Furthermore, is a staghorn fern an air plant?

Staghorn ferns are epiphytes, which means they are air plants. They gladly grow on a wall mount, which lets air circulate around them. They need good-quality light, even some direct sunlight. They need some drying of the soil or medium in between watering.

How do I know if my staghorn fern needs water?

Staghorn ferns should be watered when the upright plants look slightly wilted. While brown, dry tissue is normal on staghorn fern’s basal fronds, black or gray spots are not normal and may indicate over watering.

What does an overwatered staghorn fern look like?

Since the Staghorn Fern is an epiphyte that naturally grows along tree trunks in the tropics, its roots are smaller than you might expect and are easily overwatered. This can lead to root rot and harm your plant. Keep an eye out for brown or black spots at the base of the antler fronds, which indicate overwatering.

Are coffee grounds good for staghorn ferns?

Up-to-date gardeners know that California’s low rainfall and alkaline soil are tough on acid-loving plants. Coffee grounds act as a mulch and soil improver. … Some staghorn fern owners throw banana peels on their plants.

Do Staghorns like sun?

Staghorn ferns need lots of bright but indirect or diffused sunlight. This is best achieved by placing them next to the brightest window in the house.

Are banana peels good for staghorn ferns?

ANSWER: Banana peels can contribute lots of potassium and a little phosphorus to the nutrient needs of your staghorn fern. But they contain very little nitrogen, which also is needed for good growth. So go ahead, toss a few banana peels among the foliage to slowly release their nutrients.

Can you take a cutting from a staghorn fern?

A much less intensive method for propagating staghorn ferns is staghorn fern division. This can be done by cutting a full plant in half with a serrated knife – as long as there are plenty of fronds and roots on both halves they should be fine.

How long does it take for a staghorn fern to grow?

Naturally grown as epiphytes, staghorn ferns (Platycerium spp.) harmlessly cling to tree branches as they hang downward in the canopy’s shade. These bushy evergreens grow slowly, up to 4 feet tall and wide over a period of 10 to 20 years.

How much are large staghorn ferns worth?

This is a beauty! Originally attached to an oak tree as a small plant, this amazing fern has grown to over 6 feet in diameter, almost 4 feet tall and 3 feet deep. It is in great health and is in need of a home where it will be loved and appreciated. Similar ferns have sold for over $6,000.00.

Do air plants need sun?

In order to thrive, air plants need bright, indirect light. Rooms with southern or eastern facing windows make good candidates, because these spaces will be brightly illuminated with sun for most of the day.

Do you have to mount a staghorn fern?

Much like air plants, stags are a tropical species called epiphytes that grow on trees or other plants. Learning to mount your staghorn is less of an elective and more of an imperative in plant care in order to provide optimum conditions for its growth.

What kind of soil do staghorn ferns need?

Fill the basket (or a regular pot) about half-full with a loose, well-drained, porous potting mixture: preferably something like shredded pine bark, sphagnum moss or a similar medium. You can use up to one-third regular potting mix, but never use garden soil.

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