How often should I water my mother of millions plant?

Watering Mother of Thousands Succulents

Depending on its container size, you will have to water it every 2-4 days in the summer. Allow the soil to dry completely before watering it, and when you do water it, do it lightly. You just want the water to pass through the soil, without moistening it completely.

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Moreover, how much sun does mother of millions need?

You’ll find that your mother of thousands plant prefers a minimum of 6 hours of light per day, although in hot climates indirect sunlight is best. Its distinctive leaves are subject to sunburn if they’re in intense sunlight.

Simply so, how do you prune mother of millions?

Hereof, how long does it take for a mother of millions to grow?

If you plant it outdoors, only do it after the weather gets warmer in the summer months. It’s perfect for novice houseplant-lovers and gets its name from the many baby plantlets that grow along the edges of its serrated leaves. It takes from two to five years to mature.

Why is my mother of thousands not producing plantlets?

If you give them too much water, they have a tendency to rot, making them unusable. Mother of Thousands doesn’t like a lot of humidity ā€“ this goes for the plantlets as well.

What spray kills mother of millions?

For large infestations, fire is the most economical control option available and will kill the plants and much of the seed stored in the soil. Using fire first will reduce the cost of any spray applications.

Can you plant Mother of Thousands outside?

When growing Kalanchoe outdoors, avoid direct afternoon sun. Houseplants will benefit from spending the summer outside; just make sure to introduce them to the outside atmosphere gradually and begin their outdoor stay with limited morning sun. Too much direct sunlight may cause leaves to become sunburned.

Is Mother of millions invasive?

In fact, both plants, Mother of Thousands and Mother of Millions are considered invasive in a lot of areas. … These plantlets are easy to pull and remove, but their seeds can stay viable in the soil for years and new plants will keep on popping up, long after the plants themselves are removed.

Can you propagate Mother of Thousands from leaves?

Mother of Thousands, Alligator Plant

It is easy to propagate, making it either a weed or an exciting succulent to grow and share with others. The leaves grow tiny bulbils along its edges. When the plantlets fall to the ground, they grow new plants.

When can you repot mother of millions?

Soil and Transplanting

Plant Mother of Millions in light and well-drained soil. Repot every second or third year.

Why is mother of millions so tall?

If your Mother of Thousands plant doesn’t get enough light, it can become quite “leggy” – this essentially means the plant grows tall and spindly, with large space between leaves. It’s not the end of the world, but a leggy plant is not the healthiest, meaning it will produce less pups and is not likely to bloom.

Can Mother of Thousands survive winter?

Mother of thousands is hardy from zone 9b to 11. It will not survive a frost. They like sun and partial shade and can withstand hot temperatures if given regular water. All parts of this plant are poisonous if ingested – something to consider if you have animals or small children that would have access to this plant.

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