Is Delosperma a succulent?

The hardy ice plant (Delosperma) is a succulent, perennial ground cover with daisy-like flowers.

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Also know, how do you care for Delosperma?

Keys to successful cultivation of Delosperma:

  1. Plant them in a sunny spot with fast-draining soil. …
  2. Plant by mid-summer in colder climates to establish themselves for winter. …
  3. Water them regularly (weekly) during the heat of the summer, as Delosperma come from areas of South Africa that get summer rains.
In this way, why is Ice Plant bad? Yes, iceplant is bad for a number of reasons! First of all, it is invasive into grassland and meadows. It releases salt into the soil, raising the salt level high enough to inhibit other plant seeds, especially grasses. It also doesn’t serve as a food source for animals.

Considering this, is Delosperma invasive?

The plants look somewhat alike but delosperma is a well-behaved, non-invasive plant that works in many different garden settings from cottage-style to contemporary.

How big does Delosperma grow?

About Delosperma

These low growing plants are ideal in a rock garden, in containers or will alternatively make excellent ground cover beneath taller plants and shrubs. They will grow to an approximate height of 10-15cm (4-6”) and a spread of 25cm (10”).

Can Delosperma be grown indoors?

The Ice Plant is known for dying off if they live in an area that is too cold. In these situations, they can grow back, but fortunately you don’t have to worry about that for an indoor individual.

How often do you water Delosperma?

One watering every two weeks should be sufficient during periods when there is no rainfall, though a weekly watering might be necessary during hot weather. Let your ice plant dry out before winter, so it’s not sitting in soil that is too moist.

Is Delosperma a perennial?

From the Jewel of Desert Series, this rock garden favorite is prized for its exceptionally long bloom cycle. Transparent flakes resembling tiny pieces of ice cover the succulent foliage, hence the common name, Ice Plant. Delosperma are evergreen perennials in warmer climates. The foliage brings lushness to dry areas.

What kills ice plant?


What can I plant instead of ice plant?

Lady fingers (left) and chalk liveforever, Dudleya pulverulenta (not shown), are drought-tolerant, fire-resistant alternatives to the highly invasive, roadside-familiar ice plant (right).

Can ice plants take full sun?

Ice plants crave direct sunlight and thrive in hot, dry conditions. Plant them in an area that receives a minimum of 6-8 hours of full sun.

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