Is Dr earth good for succulents?

Dr. Earth Exotic Blend Organic Cactus & Succulent Potting Mix is a perfect blend of soil that provides the best life for succulents and cacti. It creates the perfect drainage to allow for maximum plant health. This 100% organic mix contains no synthetic ingredients or GMO infested chicken manure.

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Beside above, do indoor cactus need special soil?

What soil do cactus need? Cacti require a porous, sandy or pebbly potting soil that provides plenty of aeration and excellent drainage. A good cactus potting mixture will also consist of some organic material that makes moisture available to the plant roots when watered but then dries out quickly.

Simply so, how do you blend cactus soil? Mix together three parts potting soil, three parts coarse sand or gravel, and two parts perlite or pumice. Don’t use a potting soil mix that contains fertilizers because the fertilizer can burn cacti roots and cause leggy growth.

Regarding this, what is the best soil mix for Christmas cactus?

The ideal potting soil will contain a high proportion of organic matter such as peat or well-decomposed compost. Addition of coarse sand, or even aquarium gravel, will provide the necessary drainage and aeration. There are commercially available cactus potting soils that are designed to be well-drained soils.

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