Is Hoya kerrii a succulent?

Hoya kerrii, or Hoya Hearts, are tropical succulent vines that are often cultivated and sold as leaf cuttings. They belong to the Dogbane family, Apocynaceae, which includes some notable plants such as Dogbane, Oleander, Plumeria, Periwinkle, Golden Trumpet, and Mandevilla.

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Hereof, how do you care for a Hoya succulent?

They like to live in bright sun (but can tolerate bright indirect light) in a well-drained pot, and don’t need tons of water. Water every two or three weeks, or when soil is completely dry and the leaves start to wrinkle.

Just so, how do you care for a Hoya kerrii? Hoya Kerrii Care Summary

  1. Provide it with bright, indirect light.
  2. Allow it to dry out between waterings.
  3. Provide with additional humidity.
  4. Use a loose and well-draining potting mix.
  5. Use a balanced houseplant fertilizer diluted to half-strength, once a month during the growing season (spring and summer)

Regarding this, is Hoya kerrii an indoor plant?

I will explain shortly, but like any Hoya, Hoya kerrii is a fantastic houseplant and will make a very long-lived addition to your indoor jungle with minimal care! I will go through some care tips for both the plain old green Hoya kerrii, as well as the variegated Heart Leaf Hoya.

Does my Hoya kerrii have a node?

Like other plants, they need a node in order to successfully continue to develop into a plant. Well here’s the problem, these little cuttings have no node. These “single leaf” Hoya kerrii are just that, a leaf. … A piece of the stem with a node is the only way to get a plant to sprout new and continued growth.

Will my Hoya kerrii grow?

Hoya kerrii leaves growing by themselves only have a small chance of producing new shoots, and this would normally be after several years. If you do happen to have a non grower then the speed of growth will obviously be zero.

Does Hoya kerrii need sunlight?

My hoya kerrii loves the sun. I treat them like succulents because they love light THAT much. As a house plant, your best bet is to place it at the brightest spot you have. Mine resides at my southwest facing window and it receives about 6 hours of direct, bright light, each day during the summer.

How big does a Hoya kerrii grow?

They can grow to 10? long but as a houseplant, it’s slow going.

How do I root Hoya kerrii?

Hoya Kerrii is relatively easy to propagate using vine cuttings.

  1. Select a 2? to 3? section of vine that contains one or two leaves.
  2. Dab a bit of honey or cinnamon on the cut ends to discourage bacteria.
  3. Let the cuttings dry out on an open surface for a day to facilitate callus formation at the cut ends.

Are Hoya kerrii slow growing?

Size & Growth

Hoya sweetheart is slow-growing and takes some years to grow into vining plants filled with heart-shaped leaves. Once the plant establishes a healthy root system, the vines, and new leaves start forming quickly. However, if your plant has a single leaf without a stem, it might stay like this.

Is Hoya kerrii toxic?

Hoya plants are non toxic to people and animals. The University of Connecticut lists the Hoya as a non-toxic houseplant that is safe for people and pets.

How do you repot a Hoya kerrii?

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