Is Irish Cactus good?

The Irish cactus may be soothing and delicious, but it also has an alcohol kick. When made with the average liquors, it mixes up to 23 percent ABV (46 proof). That’s right in line with most fruity martinis as well as the shaken margarita.

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In this regard, what is Irish Cream liqueur made of?

Irish whiskey

Beside this, is Baileys a girly drink? Baileys was reportedly created for women.

We’re not sure what about “whiskey” and “cream” screams “for females,” but Baileys creators Gluckman and Jago allude to it as a “girly drink,” and “a woman’s drink,” respectively.

Also question is, is there a cheaper version of Baileys?

Costco carries Bailey’s. It is generally about 20% cheaper, and it’s a 33% larger bottle (750ml normally, 1000ml at Costco.)

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